With Juliet’s help our young carers enjoy reading a book.

Thanks to Juliet Stainforth we have created a library of books for our young carers to access.  Juliet has many contacts in the world of publishing, she has sourced lots of lovely books which over the years she has very kindly donated to Gloucestershire Young Carers.

Our Assessment Team, who visit the young people in their homes and carry out a young carer assessment find them a useful resource.  Having a gift to take is a real ice breaker with the young people, especially as we are giving them something special just for them.  They love receiving their books.

In Juliet words: “I was introduced to Gloucestershire Young Carers by a previous High Sheriff who explained to me the work they do, and having worked with young children, and subsequently in the book world, I realised that brand new free books would enhance their work and help towards some very happy children which I gather it does!”

Recently our lovely volunteer Paul collected several books from Juliet. The Assessment workers were excited to see them being put on our bookshelf ready for the young carers to read. One colleague mentioned that recently a quiet and anxious young carer was really excited to see all the books on the bookshelves when she arrived for a group at Twigworth and was even more thrilled when she realised that she could take a book home. When she had chosen a book, she enthusiastically talked about the other books that she had read in the series and how she loved reading and wanted to run her own library when she was an adult so she could share her love of reading with other children.

Maria, Assessment Worker says “At home visits all the young carers have told me how much they love the books and the GYC bookmark which I include with the books.

Sibling carers love having something just for themselves as they often get missed out.

It’s a lovely positive thing to do, and it makes the workers feel good too.”

Thank you, Juliet, your donation of books is very important resource to help us with the work we do with young carers in Gloucestershire.

July 31, 2023