Volunteer Spotlight - Tracey

We welcome Tracy, to our volunteer team, she is settling in nicely at our Cheltenham Senior Young Carers Group.  Tracy tells us why she has decided to volunteer at Gloucestershire Young Carers.

“I’ve been retired now for over two years and had been looking at volunteering opportunities in the local area, as a way of giving back and to use and share some of the skills and experience I’ve developed over the years. I found GYC on a Google search and loved seeing what this charity does to support our young carers. It’s really important that they are given ‘them’ time and I love our weekly Tuesday sessions. My first session, I’ll be honest I felt quite nervous, especially being older, but the team and the group made me so welcome, and I really look forward to attending and participating. I passed my Food Hygiene Level 1 which allows me to supervise and teach them baking. We do have a lot of fun and yes, it can get messy! I also recently helped out in the Twigworth HQ with a filing backlog and got to meet other team members. Was good to be back in an office and basically being useful! Although it’s early days, I already feel a valued member of the team, I enjoy working with and talking with the young carers, and though I’m a little limited in some activities, due to my CFS/Fibromyalgia, I can offer so much in other areas. If you’re thinking of volunteering, then please do consider GYC. You’ll maybe surprise yourself with what you can offer to this amazing group of youngsters and the team that support them, whilst also learning a great deal from them too.”

Thank you, Tracy, the group workers really appreciate your much needed helping hands you give at our Cheltenham Senior Young Carers Group.

Groups are an important part of our service as they provide a chance for young carers to meet other young carers, make new friends, take some time out away from the pressures of home, get face to face support from GYC team, try new activities and focus on wellbeing or just have a quiet space to do homework and chill out.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our young carer groups, Sue, volunteer coordinator, would love to hear from you.

December 12, 2023

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