GYC advises US Congress delegation

GYC was honoured to be invited to a roundtable discussion with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), a nonpartisan federal agency and the research arm of Congress. The delegation is conducting a study on ‘caregiving youth’ at the request of members of the U.S. Congress. As part of this research, they are using the UK as a case study to find out about how we identify young carers and offer support.    

The roundtable discussion included UK and international experts with knowledge around young carers research, policy, and practice, and GYC were included alongside representatives from four other local young carer organisations.  It took place in Manchester following on from the 4th International Young Carer Conference so took advantage of this gathering of the global experts in the field.  

It was interesting to learn that Gloucestershire Young Carers has been providing services for young carers longer than any other organisations around the table! It was great to share our knowledge and expertise and talk to the American representatives about the service that we offer to young carers, including our innovative and specialist services and our work with schools. Connecting to others and highlighting our work on an international stage has made us even prouder of how Gloucestershire as a county responds to and supports young carers.

Hana Gill, Director of Development and Engagement who attended the roundtable relates how ‘it was a real privilege to be in the room and be part of the discussion. I had no idea prior to our invitation that the United States did not have fully established support for young carers.  I was proud to represent GYC and to share how my colleagues and our partner organisations work hard to support young carers in Gloucestershire and how this has been established, developed and embedded over the last 30 years’.  

May 8, 2024

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