My name is Jake*.  I’m 10 years old and I’m a young carer for my brother Dan*.  Dan has autism which means I need to keep an eye on him when my Mum is busy. I like playing games with Dan but he gets angry and smashes the games sometimes.

Two years ago a lady from Gloucestershire Young Carers came to see me and my Mum at home. She asked me how I was feeling and what I liked to do. I told her I was angry as my brother is mean to me sometimes. It’s because of his autism so he can’t help it but it still makes me sad and I was crying twice a day. I didn’t sleep a lot and was always tired. She also talked to my Mum but I’m not sure what about.

After that my Mum said I needed a break and that I’d get to go to a young carers’ group. I was nervous before I started but I love it. We do lots of fun things like play dodge ball, make pizzas and chat. One time we went to the park and Hana (group worker) showed us how to make giant bubbles! That was cool. I also started seeing a counsellor at school and it was nice to talk to them.

My favourite thing about being a young carer is getting to go on trips with GYC. We went sailing in the summer and that was so much fun. I still go to young carers’ group and what’s helped me most is that I have met some people in the same position as me.