Young Carers Awareness Day 2019 – Mental Health part 3

Continuing on from part 1 where we introduced the theme of this year’s ‘YCAD’ and part 2 which focused on what support young carers needed with their mental health. The final instalment, part 3, offers advice to professionals supporting young carers and their families.

These blogs have been written by YACtion, the GYC young adult carer’s forum.

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What does good support look like?

YACtion: Okay here goes….

  • When we first meet, please listen and take time to find out my circumstances / story.
  • Understand local services and signpost us to those who can help us and our family. Support for the person I care for makes my life easier.
  • Make it clear what you can offer us – how much help am I entitled to? How often can I see you? Manage my expectations. It’s okay if I can’t see you all the time or if you won’t be here forever….as long as I know this.
  • Please make it easy to access help as it’s hard to ask for it. Text, email and social media make it easier for us to communicate.
  • Continuity – same person, time and meeting place whenever possible.
  • Sometimes we feel like we are being passed back and forth so be aware of this when you’re thinking of making referrals. If you’re not sure it will make a lasting difference, is it worth us explaining ourselves again?
  • Not making it really obvious what the situation is, we appreciate professionals being discrete.

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