Young Adult Carers Skill-Up in the Kitchen this Summer!

Young adult carers had a tasty return to face-to-face activities in May as they participated in a 4 week ‘Healthy Cooking on a Budget’ course.  This was offered in partnership with Adult Education and took place at their training kitchen in Gloucester. Numbers were restricted due to COVID risk assessment, but sessions were held for two different groups enabling more young adult carers to take part.  Over the four weeks participants learned to cook a range of cheap, nutritious meals including turkey tikka balls, pizzas, fajitas and southern style Mac’n’Cheese! 

Sarah Pinkney, YAC Development Worker, described what the participants had gained from the course: “Young adult carers got the chance to interactively learn new skills whilst also meeting others YACs of similar age in a really fun, no pressure environment. Plus, they were able to take the food home too – to share with their families’.” 

Feedback from the trainee cooks has been really positive including from young adult carer Esme:  “This course has given me so much confidence and new skills – I can’t wait to start putting it all into practice at home.”  

Massive thanks to Karen at Adult Education for organising the course and supporting students at the sessions, and to chef Nina for her patience teaching everyone to cook.