Young Adult Carers Get Arty Online

Here at GYC we are happy that we are getting back to face-to-face group and sessions.  However there is some learning we will take from adapting our delivery through the pandemic.  One of these is that for some things – digital works well! One example of this is our YAC Art Club which is a four-week course delivered via Zoom. This was trialed in 2021 and it was such a success that we decided to deliver it digitally again in February this year. 

Although there are many challenges of delivering an art course online – a big bonus is that we can include young adult carers from across the whole county without them having to travel long distances and meet in a central location.  It is easy for them to log-on after college or work.

The course was delivered by local artist Galina Gardner who we were very happy was willing to volunteer to run the course for the second year.   Thanks to a donation from one of our supporters we were able to purchase a pack of art materials for all the participants so that they were fully equipped and had the same resources.

We spoke to young adult carer Jessie, about what she thought of the course. Jessie is in her first year of college and cares for two of her family members.

Why did you sign up for YAC Art Club?

I was excited to try something new and I love art

What did you think of it overall?

It was nice to be able to look forward to something every week and the group really was friendly.

What did you learn?

I learnt about Brusho powder paint techniques, using charcoal including how to make create different dimensions, use of colour and we even explored surreal art. Galina the tutor was really nice, she showed examples and then guided to use different techniques but then left us to get on with our creative ideas.

Will being on the course make you more likely to attend other activities with the Young Adult Carer service?

Yes, I’ve had a good first experience of GYC and I will be keen to try other activities.