Whole Family Approach for When a Parent Experiences Mental Ill Health

At Gloucestershire Young Carers we really do understand how important it is that families are supported as well as offering young carers a break from their caring roles. As such, we are over the moon to announce that The Henry Smith Charity has awarded us funding to deliver a suite of three complimentary services for young carers who help to care for someone, often a parent, with poor mental health.

We’re talking with young carers now to come up with a snappy overall title for the three services so keep an eye on our website. The individual services are called:

  • Us Too, a wellbeing group for young carers
  • InterAct, a whole family programme
  • CaP Days, child and parent learning and activity days

We know that most families do a great job so the starting point will be to identify the family’s strengths. From there we’ll be working together with young carers and families to understand what support they need. It’s all about wellbeing and so we will be using the Five Ways to Wellbeing to underpin the whole service. If you are wondering what The Five Ways are, here they are:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Give

Huge thanks go to the Henry Smith Charity for funding this work for the next three years.