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A few hints recommended by our young carers

  • Always have headphones on you – always good if you need some headspace
  • Do homework at school – it might help if your teachers know your situation, doing your homework at school means you might miss some of your breaks but it will give you a bit more time when you get home and you might still get to sleep on time!
  • Always have a quiet place – it’s really important to have somewhere just for you where you can be just you!
  • Always have a loud place – letting off steam is a must! Make sure you’ve got a safe place where you can really let rip!
  • Know when to walk away – it’s not giving up, just coming back to it later, really good for everyone sometimes
  • Always have someone you can trust – you don’t want everyone knowing all your secrets but someone you can talk to can really help
  • Always have a phone charger – it can be a life line, but only if it works
  • Always have credit on your phone – it’s not just important for people to get hold of you
  • Have an emergency contact list – just in case! It can really help avoid a panic
  • Find a balance – try not to let caring take over your whole life, you still need to be you!

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