How to refer to us

Please note that from 21st April 2022 we will be operating a waiting list for new referrals and there will be short delay in arranging assessment visits.  Please do continue to refer and be assured that we will undertake assessments as soon as we have capacity.  If you feel your referral requires more urgent attention, please call Karen James on 01452 733060 to discuss, or alternatively email

Eligibility Criteria

Gloucestershire Young Carers provides services for young carers aged 824. Where there are concerns about a child taking on caring responsibilities who is under 8 years we are able to offer information and advice to any professional supporting the child and/or family.  

 When referring you will be asked to identify the practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities undertaken by the child or young person and the impact those responsibilities are having upon at least one of the following: 

  • physical/mental health
  • education
  • emotional and behavioural development
  • family and social/peer relationships.

 Where caring responsibilities or impact on the child or young person are unclear, you will be asked to clarify.  

Priority will be given to ‘primary’ young carers i.e. where there is no adult carer and to ‘secondary’ young carers who need to provide substantial support due to family circumstances.  

Children and young people may not be eligible if: 

  • their caring responsibilities do not have an adverse impact on the above points 
  • care tasks are age appropriate and do not exceed what an ‘average’ child of their age would undertake (e.g. a teenager helping with some house work, walking to the local shop etc) 
  • they are living with a family member who is ill, disabled or misusing substances but are not providing care for that person, for themselves or for siblings.  
  • their caring responsibilities are due to parenting issues or neglect (i.e. caring for siblings because parents are working or inattentive)
  • there is no parental consent and the young carer is under 18 years of age. 

Please click here for our full Eligibility Criteria document and Top Referral Tips

Anyone can refer

With the agreement of the young person and their family anyone can refer a young person to Gloucestershire Young Carers – this could be the young person themselves, a member of the family, a family friend or a professional working with the family (eg. GPs, social workers, health workers, teachers, educational staff and community workers).

1. Complete a referral form

Form For Professionals

If you are a professional, please click on the following link to download a referral form:

Referral form can be downloaded here:

Referrals  should be returned by encrypted email using Egress Switch to  In order to protect confidentiality please do NOT send an unencrypted email. (See below for postal address if you do not have access to Egress).

Form For Family Members

If you are a family member or concerned adult, our self-referral form can be downloaded here:

Referral form can be downloaded here:

Referrals should be returned either by post to the address below or email to  Please note that emailed referrals will not be encrypted. Click here if you would prefer to arrange a call back.

If submitting the referral by post please send to:

Gloucestershire Young Carers
7, Twigworth Business Centre

If you need assistance in completing the form please call one of our assessment workers on 01452 733060.

2. What will happen next?

One of our Assessment Workers will contact the family and arrange a visit to complete the Gloucestershire Young Carers’ assessment tool and discuss with the young person and their family the support they require. This is generally completed within 6 weeks at the family home wherever possible or at the young person’s school or college if this is more appropriate.

If you are still unsure about making a referral or if the eligibility criteria has been met, please call us on 01452 733060 and ask to speak to our Senior Practitioner.

Top Tips for Referrals