Volunteer spotlight this month is Harley Smith.

Why did you decide to volunteer for GYC? – I was looking at numerous charities that I may be able to help but GYC was the one that stood out the most, I could see all of the activities they are doing and the positive impact that they are having. I was a Young Carer and always had fond memories. To see that they are still helping others as they did myself, it was a no brainer!

What kind of things do you get involved with? – so far I have mainly been volunteering with the Young Carers Respite Groups every Tuesday evening but I have also had the privilege of attending the Fundraising Fire Walk at the Brickhampton Golf Course and helping out at the Young Carer Sports activity day in May.

How does volunteering make you feel? – It is incredibly satisfying to see everyone enjoy themselves. I enjoy volunteering with GYC much more that I thought I would, the interaction with the Young Carers is always very positive and I look forward to each event!

What would you say to anyone else thinking about volunteering with GYC? – I would entirely recommend it, it has been one of the best things I have done recently. I was not confident if it was for me before applying but I can confidently say I am very happy I did!