Volunteer Spotlight – Ros

Volunteer spotlight – Trustee Ros shares her first experience as a volunteer at a GYC young adult carer activity day.

“It was like a shot in the arm spending a day with these fabulous young people, especially after a year and a half of Covid restrictions. Their sense of fun and determination to enjoy every last second of the day was completely infectious. I left thinking what have I got to grumble about…I think I gained a whole lot more than I gave.

My take on being a volunteer for GYC? Don’t hesitate. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do. I didn’t feel I had all the skills needed for my first day but all you really need is the ability to laugh and listen. You are contributing even if it’s just sharing stories about your cats while burning sausages on a BBQ!

I loved hearing about their lives, seeing them make friends and supporting one another through the activities at South Cerney Water Park. I hope that in a small way I helped to give the YACs a day to remember.”

If you would like to volunteer for us please contact Sue Auld, Volunteer Co-ordinator by emailing sue@glosyoungcarers.org.uk or calling the office on 01452 733060.