Volunteer Spotlight: Kitty

Hola, my name is Khadija but many will know me as Kitty.

I had become a volunteer through chatting with a member of GYC. I was so moved to hear about the work and support that GYC provided children and families that I rang up shortly and became a volunteer. My role was as big or small as I chose and seeing first-hand how GYC positively impacted young carers both on the frontline and in the background, I aimed to get elbow deep in volunteering as humanly possible.

My role included helping out weekly at a Juniors group, I contributed to giving these children an awesome evening of fun, laughter and recreational art. Working with children is like herding a group of cats, but I loved every second! I also got stuck in with fun days, knitting baubles for fundraisers and helping out Santa during the Christmas period. I was fortunate there was an opening as a senior group worker in Stroud and I jumped at the chance of being a permanent member of GYC.   

I have taken the opportunity to gleefully use lockdown to follow my passions; knitting, baking and reading. I have recently set up an Instagram account to share my knitted products with the world.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a GYC volunteer please email Sue@glosyoungcarers.org.uk