Volunteer Spotlight – Jeremy

Hi I am Jeremy, the wrong side of 50 and have been a volunteer for GYC for several years now.

It all began as I had previously been a volunteer and trustee for Swindon Young Carers and had got involved as I had two young children at the time, who probably had an easier life than some. I really enjoyed my time and so when I saw an advert initially for “driving” for GYC, I jumped at the chance. Instead of becoming a driver, I became a volunteer group worker and started in Cirencester, a couple of hours a week. Instantly I got on with Jess and Angie who were running the group and the kids were just great. They were so open, so appreciative of the group and whilst only 2 hours a week and for children who don’t have a normal life on a day to day basis, you could tell how much the group makes a difference and continues to do so. I was “hooked” and we have seen children, team leaders change over the years, Angie and I still remain and I just love being involved.

I have helped with Pantomimes, Ice Skating (although not taking part) and, after being involved with GYC some time, I became involved in “My Time” which was a great initiative for children who couldn’t or didn’t initially want to be involved in a group and I guess just wanted “My Time” on their own. Working on a one to one basis and seeing the results that were achieved were one of my proudest achievements.

Naturally the last year or so have been difficult and I was delighted to be asked to volunteer in an event at Twigworth recently, so here’s hoping that we can start up again and get the groups up and running again, I really miss it and also what we provide for the young carers for those two hours a week.

I am proud to be a Volunteer for Gloucestershire Young Carers, giving something back is a good feeling and the children are just so superb in everything they do in their home life and when we run groups or events for them. I wish we could do more and always want to be involved as and when I can.

I mention the volunteers and the children, but none of it would be achieved without the backing of the staff at GYC who make the events possible, fund raising and organising. It is a well-oiled machine that works! Being a volunteer is superb and would recommend it to anyone.