Three-Pronged Approach in Continuing to Build a Strengths Based Organisation

Promoting strengths is the central tenet of our work over the next two years. Strengths in young carers, strengths in families, strengths in our staff team and strengths in our organisation. This work has been made possible by the award of follow-on funding from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

The initial phase of work funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has just come to an end. This was all about the award-winning Mosquito Mission, a group of young carers who developed and delivered workshops and training to 255 professionals across Gloucestershire, in London and at a global conference in Oslo.  It was a great success with 97% of professionals saying that the workshop was likely to impact on the way that they do their jobs.

The next phase of the work will be slotting into three areas:

  • The Mosquito Mission, which will train even more professionals across Gloucestershire
  • Research by The University of Gloucestershire into how Gloucestershire Young Carers uses ‘co-production’ with young carers as a strengths-based approach
  • Organisational Development, to check that we are taking strengths-based approaches across Gloucestershire Young Carers.

It’s an exciting time knowing that we can continue to develop and improve so huge thanks to The Paul Hamlyn Foundation for continuing to support GYC over the next two years.