The YAC guide to Happy and Healthy Living

Being a young carer or young adult carer can make you feel: proud, important and valued. But it can also make you feel: stressed, overwhelmed and tired!

We know that caring long-term from a young age without the right support can impact your emotional wellbeing. Sometimes young carers / young adult carers are so focused on their family (especially the person they care for) that they don’t think about their own needs.

We want to remind you that your needs are IMPORTANT too so we asked young adult carers for their top tips on looking after yourself:

  1. Eat well and drink plenty of water. The occasional treat is great but eating nutritious meals helps your mind and energy levels.
  2. Make time for friends and don’t feel guilty. Everyone needs time for themselves.
  3. Take a break, regularly.
  4. REMEMBER – it’s not your fault that the person you care for is unwell.
  5. YOU are important too (so take care of yourself in the same way you care for others)
  6. You aren’t alone. Connect with others in a similar situation through GYC or ask your school/college to set up a young carers group.
  7. Accept help from others. You deserve it.
  8. Don’t worry about what others think. If they have anything negative to say about carers, they don’t understand.
  9. Talk about what’s going on; find a friend or supportive adult who’s a good listener.
  10. Again – TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF too (repeat to self x 1,000).

Please try to make time for doing all of the above wherever you can!

From Young Adult Carers J