Positive start to LSE Young Carers’ Research

In July we held the first focus group for researchers from the London School of Economics to talk to young carers in Gloucestershire about their lived experience of accessing support as a young carer.   The first group was with young adults aged 16-24 with a range of different caring roles.

The session explored what kind of services and support the young adult carers felt had benefitted them.  It also looked at what barriers there are in accessing support and what they felt would be a ‘dream service’. We had a successful session and staff and researchers were impressed at how much the young adult carers were able to be open and share their experiences. 

One of the YACs related how ‘it was great to able to participate and meet loads of new people, I’d love to find out what the results of the research are’

GYC is working as a partner in this research with the LSE alongside Sheffield Young Carers and Durham Family Action. The aim of the study is to find out what support for young carers is helpful, and how it could be made more available and useful.  They also want to learn about any reasons that might prevent people from seeking support. The researchers hope that the findings can be used to improve services and support.

Further focus groups and interviews will take place throughout the summer and autumn.  If you know a young carer who might be interested in taking part in this project, please contact hana@glosyoungcarers.org.uk.  The researchers are also interested in talking to parents of young carers. Get in touch if you would like to be involved.