Moving On Up

This has been a very strange year for children and young people and many of them have been out of school since March. It has been especially challenging for those children in year who have not been able to enjoy the important rites-of-passage that mark the end of primary school.   Most have missed out on leavers assemblies, end of term productions, shirt-signing, and induction days at secondary school.     

Supporting Young Carers

For this reason it has been even more important than usual for us to ensure that all the young carers in year 6 who are known to GYC have a supported transition to secondary school.  

We know when the new secondary school understands the caring role, family situation and any specific needs around this, it can make the crucial difference for young carers. The school and GYC can then ensure that the new students gets the support they need to thrive in the new setting.  

How Do We Help?

  • Throughout lockdown we have continued to work to find out secondary school destinations of all young carers joining year 7. 
  • This year we have 119 young carers moving up. We have contacted each family to find out where they are heading and checked with parents that they give us permission to share information with the new school. 
  • In 2020 we have successfully trialled an online reply form as many families were shielding /self-isolating so not getting out to post letters. 
  • All young people are sent our ‘Moving Up’ leaflet especially for young carers, which explains about Young Carer School Leads,  and School Nurse access at secondary school. It also looks at the common worries children have about moving to secondary and how best to mitigate these.
  • At the start of term all 68 secondary schools in Gloucestershire are sent an updated list of young carers including the new year 7s.  

We wish the best of luck to all the young carers making the big leap to secondary school in this turbulent year.