Karen’s My Million Step Challenge

Karen Fisher is walking 1 million steps in 92 days for Gloucestershire Young Carers.


 Here’s her story:

“I am trying my hardest to walk 1 Million steps between 1st October 2018 to 31st December 2018 (92 days). so that is about 10,870 steps a day or just under 77,000 a week ! That’s not much you might think? but you see I’m known for being lazy! I have a job where I spend all day sat at a desk and except for Tuesday evening when I go to Lindy Hop (swing dancing) Class I can be found sat on the sofa playing on my phone or watching TV. I want to get fitter and more active again but need a goal to work to in order for me to succeed (especially now the nights are drawing in and the weather is turning cold and wet, I would rather be hibernating than being active !). I’ve wanted to raise some money for a great charity, so thought why not put the two together and raise money at the same time?

I have chosen Gloucestershire Young Carers as I work part time as a group worker for them and so have seen first-hand the amazing work they do with young people and their families. I also know how much the Children get out of the groups and activities and how they can get away for a short while from what is going on in their life and enjoy things we took for granted as children, like getting to hang out with friends and do fun activities like baking, crafts and team games.
This will be a big challenge for me as I normally do between 4,000 and 6,000 steps a day, about 40,000 a week. I am really going to have to push myself for the extra steps. For a bit of fun I shall do a blog diary / keep you all updated on my progress along the way both on here and on my Facebook Challenge page.”

Visit her JustGiving Page