It’s no drama as Tesco support our KidsTime programme

Tesco Express in Cirencester kindly answered our plea for children’s dressing up clothes and kits which form an important part of role-playing and acting out in our new KidsTime programme. The workshops are for children and their parents, where a parent has a mental illness and uses drama as a tool to help children and young people feel at ease and share their experiences in a creative way. Our mental health worker Kate Moss said “The drama sessions are a way for children to be able to express themselves and their feelings and make sense of their parent’s mental illness in a safe, relaxing and fun way.  Having these costumes is wonderful and such an invaluable resource.  Costumes are such a fun way to allow children to find their creative expression.  Being in character is a safe and exciting way to explore thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences, to improve self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience”.

Huge thanks to Melanie and the team from the store for this fantastic support.  If you would like to make a donation in kind to our charity of items or goods contact our Fundraising Manager Sally today by emailing