Impact of Parental Substance Misuse

When someone in the family has alcohol or drug problems it can affect everyone in the family. Gloucestershire Young Carers offers support for the whole family with the focus on the children. We believe in putting the ‘young’ back into ‘young carer’, ensuring that children are never expected to take on adult responsibilities.

Young carers have told us that they see caring responsibilities in a very different way to adults. They have described ‘keeping out of the way’, ‘trying not to make things worse’ or to make their parents more stressed than they already are. Often, young people blame themselves for the problems in the home. Frequently, young carers describe how they want to protect their family from ‘interference’ by services and agencies.

What we offer

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Information and advice

 Parents, Pints & Pills – our info booklet designed by young carers for young people living with someone with a drug or alcohol problem.

Orson is a Gloucestershire Young Carers’ leaflet that explains about alcohol in the family to children of junior school age.

‘So We Know’- weekend camps

A weekend to learn about substance misuse, develop coping skills, meet other children and young people in similar circumstances and to have loads of fun, run in partnership with adult drug services.

Day workshops for young carers

For younger young carers to start exploring the issues linked to drug and alcohol problems that members of their family might be facing.

Parent and Young Carer Days

A relaxed and informal event where parents with substance misuse issues and/or mental ill health can engage in fun and informative activities with their children. Quality time, one to one, away from the challenging home environment can prove to be beneficial to parent and child.

yCHIPs Forum (Young Carers Helping Inform Professionals)

A group of young carers, supported by Gloucestershire Young Carers who work together to advise professionals on what they should be doing to support families where alcohol or drugs cause problems. Achieved through involving the young people in presentations, media work, marketing and consultations.  yCHIPs are currently working in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire Social Work Department, Gloucestershire Constabulary and cgl (adult substance misuse services).

Individual support for young carers dealing with substance misuse in the family

We can meet with young carers on their own to provide additional support if needed. We can also support or represent the young person at multi-agency meetings.

Support for parents dealing with substance misuse issues

Young Carers tell us that one of the best ways to support them is to help their parents to get the support that they need.  We support parents by signposting or referring them (with their consent) to agencies that can offer direct help.

Access to other GYC services

– see Services at a Glance for our full offer.

Not sure whether to refer?

Please call us on 01452 733060 to discuss with one of our team.

Info on referral can be found on our how to refer to us page.

Useful links and Resources

E-LEARNING on impact of parental substance misuse

STARS INITIATIVE – support and guidance on parental drug & alcohol misuse.

NACOA  – Providing information, advice and support for everyone affected by a parent’s drinking

WHEN A FAMILY IS IN TROUBLE by Marge Heegard -An excellent photocopiable resource book for those working with children

Alcohol Hidden Harm Toolkit – supporting the development of services for children and families affected by parental alcohol use