Half term holiday fun for young carers

Ongoing COVID restrictions have meant GYC has had to be extra creative in planning activities for young carers this summer. Keeping activities outdoors and in big spaces enables us to have fun and give young carers a break whilst keeping risks minimal! Both our recent Sports Day and Willow day were a great success – we ask GYC staff Lin and Sheryl what they were all about!

Hi Lin, tell us about Willow Day….

“It was an opportunity for children to have a go at a craft that is not something they have tried before. Willow grows almost everywhere and is a sustainable material the children could source for themselves if they got the willow weaving bug. They learnt how to prepare the willow for weaving and different weaving techniques. When the children weren’t playing with willow, they had time to run around in the woods and toast marshmallows on a fire”.

What were the highlights of the day?

“Seeing the children engaging with the activity so well and finishing their creations which they proudly took home with them.  Some of the children were so pleased with their ‘makes’ they were going to gift them to their teachers or friends and family. Like with many of our events the children often don’t know each other on arrival but throughout the day it was great to witness them making new friends and plans to keep in touch”.

Sheryl, tell us why you planned a Sports Day…

“It was all about getting the young carers moving, lockdown has stopped a lot of team sports, so we just wanted to get them to blow off steam, get them moving about and having fun”.

What were the highlights?

“We got to visit an incredible sports centre and use their state-of-the-art facilities. Some of the children have never used facilities like this so it was a new experience for them.  One young carer was asked if they’d enjoyed the badminton, and their reply was ‘Enjoyed it?? I LOVED it’. All the young carers had a great day I think it’s something a little different to what GYC has offered before, which meant it appealed to young carers who may not have done an activity with us yet”.