GYC Key Partner in European Research

Gloucestershire Young Carers is excited to be working with Carers Trust and the University of Sussex on this Europe-wide research project seeking to improve support for young carers in transition to adulthood.

“Me-We”– (an abbreviation for Psychosocial Support for Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing among adolescent young carers in Europe) is an ambitious research and innovation project, funded by the European Union.

We are now part way through delivering the 7 week- programme through Microsoft Teams to a group of young carers aged 15-17 in Gloucestershire. The study will assess the impact of the sessions on the wellbeing of the participants, and if successful the course will be made available to young carer organisations across the UK.

One of the participants tells us how ‘it’s great to meet new people and to know that you might be helping other young carers in the future! The activities are also really fun and each week is different to the last.’

Sarah Pinkney our YAC Development Worker describes how ‘I am developing new skills that I can carry forward with my work with young adult carers’. In terms of the impact on the participants she relates how ‘young adult carers are learning to recognise and understand their emotions whilst also building connections each week with others who share similar challenges ’.