Fantastic team building day at Croft Farm

Our Us Too wellbeing programme supports young carers who have a family member with mental ill-health.  Our second session always involves the group having a team activity day – getting out there, getting wet, having new experiences and having fun.  We chat to Health Development Worker Kate Moss about the day

Tell us about the group you took this time?

They are eight 8-10 year olds from all over the county.  They had only met each other once before so it was opportunity to get to know each other better and try new things together.

How was the day?

What an amazing day we had.  The sun was shining, the lake wasn’t too cold and everyone got stuck in.

Do you see a change in the group during the team day?

Absolutely – they arrived looking nervous and saying they are not sure about things like going on the water.  By the end of the day they are beaming and we sent them home feeling tired and very proud of themselves for giving it all a go and overcoming their fears.

Why is the outdoor team day so important to have as part of the programme.?

Well in a nutshell it involves all five ways to wellbeing. CONNECT, as they meet and chat to others, LEARN– as they do new things such paddle a kayak, GIVE by helping and supporting  each other when someone is unsure, TAKE NOTICE of the water and countryside and how it makes them feel and obviously BEING ACTIVE with swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding and archery.

How did you all feel afterwards?

Exhausted but exhilarated.  They all had a fantastic time.  I had a text from one parent saying ‘ he had a great time – can barely keep his eyes open now’.

Find out more about our Us Too programme and how we support young carers who care for a family member who has mental ill health on our website.