Cirencester Friendly Society End Their Year of Support on a High

Throughout 2019, Cirencester Friendly Society chose to support our charity, beginning on Young Carers Awareness Day 2019. So it is perfect that they are announcing their fundraising achievement on YCAD2020.

The charity has successfully raised £6346 for the charity. An incredible amount of money that will go a long way towards supporting Gloucestershire Young Carers’ respite support groups of which there is one in Cirencester.

It was a busy year for the Society’s Charity Committee who provided a jam-packed year of bake sales, Halloween treasure hunts, monthly quizzes plus a Santa’s grotto to name a few. A special highlight was when the team were joined by Young Carer Jamie at their static Cycling Event in which staff took turns to cycle the distance of touring all the Gloucestershire Young Carers’ respite support groups, a total of 164 miles. This event alone raised a whopping £330, a sum that was matched by the Society.

Sophie Barran-Jones, Lead of the Charity Committee said: “As a mutual, we believe it’s important to give back and support small charities that make a real difference to individuals and families in and around Gloucestershire. 2019 was no exception! Last year we supported the wonderful charity Gloucestershire Young Carers and we are delighted to have raised a huge £6346.00.”

Jane Dyer, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Gloucestershire Young Carers said: “It was a delight to work with Cirencester Friendly Society – from the very first meeting it was clear that their staff really engaged with the challenges of young carers. Many identified with what young carers face in their day to day lives, supporting a family member who is ill or disabled. The team organised some fun events and we were able to involve young carers – especially the street static cycle ride. It is always exciting when a whole team embraces fundraising and awareness raising for a charity – from cake sales to producing art for our major fundraiser last year. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone and the funds raised really will make a difference for young carers in Cirencester and the surrounding area.”