Carers Week 2020 8th-14th June

Carers Week gives us a great opportunity for us to celebrate and spread awareness of carers of all ages.

Gloucestershire Campaign

Carers Week 2020 marks the launch of a year-long strategy to raise the profile of carers in Gloucestershire focusing on identifying and bringing support to all carers: adult carers, parent carers and young carers  and ensuring the county is ‘Carer Aware’. The advent of the Coronavirus has meant that the burden on carers has increased and is often hidden behind closed doors due to the lockdown.  We will be posting young carer stories during Carers Week across our social media to give people better understanding and insight into the lives of young and young adult carers.

Launch of co-produced top tips for education providers

Last week we worked together with young carers from seven different young carers organisations across the country to produce these top tips for education providers.  These are specifically to support young carers during lockdown, as restrictions ease and as school returns.  This has been created through zoom sessions and marks the first action in a campaign started back in February decided upon by the initial Young Carer National Voice meet-up. 

This group unites young carers across the country to work together to make positive change for all young carers. They have looked at the issues emerging for young carers during lockdown and come up with some practical ways that teachers and staff can support them. 

Click here to see the practical ways in which educational staff can support young carers.