Book Review – Lookin Out For Leroy by Janey H Bailey

Lookin Out for Leroy is a book about a girl called Tia who cares for her brother Leroy. He is autistic and struggles with basic life skills, but he has amazing musical talent.

In my opinion the characters feel very real and you go with them on an emotional journey from very early on in the book when the father leaves the family to the end where Tia is getting more help and Leroy is starting to achieve his dreams in music. You understand why they do what they do and you want everything to work out for them.

My favourite character was Tia because she’s so caring, she protects Leroy and you want her to succeed. My favourite part of the book was the end because it felt like it was all coming together and the characters are all starting to move forward with their lives in a positive way.

The book was very interesting with many twists and turns and I think that it all adds up to create a final story that is gripping and makes you want to read on. It is a story that stirs up a variety of emotions. I would say this book is aimed at younger teen readers and I would recommend it to people who like stories about emotional journeys.

Review by Tash