Meet Rebecca, our new Education Development Officer.

Thanks to funding from the Triangle Trust we now have appointed Rebecca Bryan as our new Education Development Officer.  This is the first time GYC has had a worker totally dedicated to supporting education settings to identify, understand and support young carers whether this is in a primary, secondary school or college.

Schools are key partners in our mission to support and enable young carers to achieve their aspirations, and they are our primary source of referrals.

The new role involves awareness-raising amongst staff and students, encouraging schools to develop their own in-house young carer groups, sharing best practice amongst schools and supporting school to achieve GHLL Young Carers Accreditation.

Rebecca started in the role June 2022 and has made a great start at making links with schools. 

Development Manager Hana Gill  spoke to Rebecca to find a bit more about her and her new role…

Hi Rebecca. What made you interested in applying for this role and working for GYC?

Mainly the ethos behind the charity of supporting young carers interested me and working with the schools to do this; as I have been working in education myself for the last 15 years. As a child I helped care for my own Dad, and as such feel I can relate to what this is like for young people.

How have you found your first few weeks?  What has been your best moment so far?

I have found my first few weeks very interesting, learning about the work of GYC and I feel that I’ve settled into the team straight away, who have been welcoming and friendly.

The best moments have been the assemblies we do at school, especially with H the bear mascot; seeing the students contributing with their questions and gaining an understanding of what being a young carer means.

What do you think the challenges of the role are going to be?

Ensuring that we have the time and resources to support all schools in the county so they can help to meet the needs of young carers, so they can achieve their potential.

And lastly – tell us a bit about yourself and what you like doing in your free time.

I love walking with my Labrador, especially around the local hills, and attending live music festivals and concerts.

Thanks Rebecca, great to have you on the team!

If you are a school in Gloucestershire and would like support and resources to help you to improve your response to young carers please contact Rebecca Bryan on or 07857 618533.

Volunteer spotlight this month is Harley Smith.

Why did you decide to volunteer for GYC? – I was looking at numerous charities that I may be able to help but GYC was the one that stood out the most, I could see all of the activities they are doing and the positive impact that they are having. I was a Young Carer and always had fond memories. To see that they are still helping others as they did myself, it was a no brainer!

What kind of things do you get involved with? – so far I have mainly been volunteering with the Young Carers Respite Groups every Tuesday evening but I have also had the privilege of attending the Fundraising Fire Walk at the Brickhampton Golf Course and helping out at the Young Carer Sports activity day in May.

How does volunteering make you feel? – It is incredibly satisfying to see everyone enjoy themselves. I enjoy volunteering with GYC much more that I thought I would, the interaction with the Young Carers is always very positive and I look forward to each event!

What would you say to anyone else thinking about volunteering with GYC? – I would entirely recommend it, it has been one of the best things I have done recently. I was not confident if it was for me before applying but I can confidently say I am very happy I did!

A summer and year of fun for young carers thanks to The Summerfield Charitable Trust.

We are delighted to have recently received a generous £10,000 grant from The Summerfield Charitable Trust. This money will fund a jam-packed calendar of activity days for young carers this year which will include sports days, outdoor pursuits and day trips.

We run activity days each year for young carers aged 8-16 to provide respite from their caring roles. These fun activities enable the young people to feel like children again without the worry of caring for a relative and offer opportunities they might not otherwise have. Each day has a different theme ranging from arts and crafts, sports, forest outdoor activities and trips out and all with wellbeing and positive mental health underpinning the activities. The days help to build self-esteem, encourage healthy lifestyles, build resilience and helps young carers maintain emotional well being. They also provide an important opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, gain peer support and form friendships for life.

“We are so grateful for this generous donation to fund our young carer activity days for this year. After what has been such a turbulent and worrying time during the pandemic for the young carers we support in Gloucestershire these opportunities to reconnect, have some fun and take a break from their caring roles for a day or two are even more important. Thank you so much to the Trustees of Summerfield from the team at Gloucestershire Young Carers”. Sally Gillespie – Fundraising and Marketing Manager.

Take to the sky this September in our new exciting Wingwalk

New for 2022! Take to the skies for our first ever exciting charity wingwalk on 29 September for a day you will never forget and memories that will last forever.

Adrenaline seekers will take to the skies for the thrill of a lifetime watched by their supporters on the ground. The experience will take place from the home of The Breitling Wing walkers at the fabulous private airfield at Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, a World War 1 grass airfield set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold Countryside.

Flown by one of the highly experienced wing walking display pilots, you will take to the skies on the top wing of one of the biplanes and experience an exciting series of flypasts, zoom climbs, steep dives and banks at speeds of up to 130mph!

Dates: Thursday 9:30AM on 29 September 2022
Venue: Rendcomb Airfield, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Registration fee to secure booking £150.00 non refundable fee
Minimum sponsorship: £850.00

*Minimum Sponsorship must be raised at least a week prior to the event. £249 from the sponsorship money combined with the registration fee covers the flight cost of £399.

For more information, or to book your place please contact Sally in our Fundraising team by emailing or calling 01452 733030.  

Meet the newest member of the GYC Team – Hannah.

We are delighted to welcome Hannah Robinson to the GYC team as a Keyworker. Young carers from our newsletter editorial team chose questions and interviewed Hannah to find out more. Here’s what they found out.

Why did you join GYC?

I love working with young people and being able to provide lots of fun. I was also a young carer so it’s close to my heart.

What do you hope GYC will be like in 50 years?

I hope to get every young carer involved and the support they need. To spread awareness of how amazing young carers are.

What is your biggest fear?

Butterflies, the more colourful the scarier. Moths aren’t quite as bad!

If you weren’t working for GYC, what would you be doing?

I would be working with young people in some way. Maybe a Duke of Edinburgh outdoor worker or similar. I feel very lucky to have started at GYC and everyone has been so welcoming.

What’s your favourite colour?

Forest Green

What’s your favourite Ice Cream flavour?

Mint Choc Chip, Coconut Rum and Raisin – a difficult question to answer!

What’s your favourite band?

Fall Out Boy – I am a lifelong fan.

What’s your least favourite style of music?

Screamo or Metal

What’s your least favourite genre of movie?

Gangsta – they just send me to sleep!

What’s your favourite sport?

Hockey or Badminton – I am a very sporty person and love keeping fit.

What are your pronouns?

Thank you for asking they are She/Her.

What’s your favourite food?

Ramen with an egg on top.

We look forward to seeing Hannah’s ideas and energy for working with young carers.

Young Adult Carer Charlotte gears up for a triple challenge for GYC!

On July 8th Charlotte who is 20, will push herself physically and mentally in the stunning but challenging surroundings of Snowdonia to raise money for our charity.

Ahead of her epic adventure organised by providers Charity Challenge Charlotte said –
”This will involve me pushing my own limits and participating in a triple challenge series across one of the UK’s most rugged landscapes. I will be tackling all terrains as I cycle, trek and kayak in just one day in the heart of Snowdonia.”

The challenge itself is:

  • 9 mile trek
  • 10.5 mile cycle
  • 2.5 mile kayak

“Gloucestershire Young Carers are an extremely important charity to me because they have continuously provided me with support and have helped and shaped me into the person I am today.

In my personal experience, Gloucestershire Young Carers have supported me immensely throughout my academic journey. Not only have they helped me alongside coursework and exams, but they have also provided me with life- long connections in my legal career- some who I am in contact with still, today! Everyone at Gloucestershire Young Carers is so dedicated to each individual and they so passionately want the best for each carer, and it shows through how much time and support they spend with each individual.

I want Gloucestershire Young Carers to feel the love that they have given to all of us carers, and, by doing this challenge, I hope to give back just as much as they have given me!”

We wish you the very best of luck Charlotte and can’t wait to follow your journey! If you would like to support Charlotte, you can visit her fundraising page here

Sibling Caring Counts

Our Caring Counts programme explores what it means to be a young carer, focusing on health and wellbeing. In the half term holidays a group of ten fantastic young people met for the first time with one thing in common: they all care for their siblings.

The group gelled quickly and had lots of fun playing games, getting to know each other and enjoying a sunny walk which ended with ice cream! We then met every Tuesday; group activities and discussions enabled the young people to discuss their caring roles, share advice and offer support to one another.

The last session involved a trip to Funky Warehouse in Cheltenham. Despite the high temperatures everyone enjoyed a good bounce, became ninja warriors and finished with a yummy meal.

When reflecting on what they learnt from the course, participants commented ‘how other people cope with things’ ‘to look after yourself’ and ‘we all have something in common’.
When asked what they had enjoyed one comment in particular stood out: ‘seeing that I’m not alone’.

Our caring counts program runs throughout the year. It’s an offer for all young carer in our service aged 11+. To find out more, email:

Volunteering for 3 hours a month would make the world of difference

Our three wonderful volunteers Nic, Amber and Louisa have been helping us to build a supportive community for children and families in Brockworth for the last ten months. We’re now launching a new group in Cheltenham and we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our KidsTime team.

KidsTime is a fun and interactive monthly group for children and families where a parent experiences mental health difficulties. It’s a place where children and parents can relax together whilst learning about mental illness, accessing peer support, building friendships and eating pizza.

As a KidsTime volunteer, you would support our three facilitators in ensuring the smooth running of the sessions. Tasks range from setting up and clearing away the rooms, welcoming families as they arrive and ensuring that everyone gets pizza to entertaining toddlers, chatting with teenagers and providing practical support to the workshop facilitators.

At each session, following a lively, interactive session learning about mental health or mental illness, the children head off to develop a short drama which they capture on video whilst the adults gather for a parenting support session. Then it’s all back together again for pizza and an opportunity for the children to show and discuss their mental health themed film with the adults.

Volunteers are integral to the KidsTime team. You’ll be invited to join the team building and training day for the new Cheltenham team in July and we’ll also offer you training in safeguarding children.

We are actively recruiting KidsTime volunteers prior to launching the new group this summer. The group will run from 4:30 – 7:45 on the second Wednesday of the month. If you’d like to know more please email and Kate or Mandy will contact you to arrange an informal chat or visit our website

Charity support close to home for Optimising IT

We are delighted to have been chosen as charity of the year by Optimising IT who operate from the offices right next door to GYC! The dynamic team of 29 staff have already started brainstorming ideas and have lots of plans to fundraise for us including exhilarating skydives, extreme physical challenges, BBQ’s and more!

The team said “We’ve chosen Gloucestershire Young Carers as our charity of the year because of the fantastic work they do supporting young people in our community who have to provide care for others, often in difficult situations and times of their lives; including multiple members of our team here at Optimising IT.”

A member of the team shared their very personal reasons for wanting to give back to our charity and help us to support other young carers in a similar situation they found themselves in. “As an only child to a single parent, I was thrown into the world of caring for my parent when I was 14. I often didn’t know what was going to happen at any point, or where to turn when I needed help, until I was introduced to GYC. They sat, listened, offered sound advice and, most importantly to me at that time in my life, spoke to me like an adult and empathised with the situation at hand; all while suggesting which care organisations could help my parent (over 15 years later and I’m still in touch with those organisations!)  While I wasn’t involved with GYC for a huge length of time, the impact they had was a lasting one, and it’s great to help give back all these years later. “

We are really looking forward to working together and are very grateful for this support that will make a huge difference to young carers in the county. Our partnership begins on 1st July for 1 year.

Carers Week 6th-12th June  

Carers Week is brought to life by individuals, groups and organisations coming together to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

Carers Week celebrates carers of all ages, and as part of this GYC wants to make sure that the contribution of young and young adult carers is acknowledged.

The theme this year is ‘making caring visible and valued’ and GYC has lots planned to make sure we do this!

Our big Carers Week Call-out to school has meant we will have a busy week doing special assemblies in primary and secondary schools across Gloucester, Cirencester and the Forest of Dean.  Our ‘carer aware’ assemblies raise the profile of young carers and help all students to understand who young carers are and the kinds of things they do.  By raising awareness amongst young people and staff they also help us and schools identify hidden young carers that are not known to our service and may be caring at home without any additional support. 

Schools play a critical role in the lives of young carers and can help to reduce the impact of caring especially on education outcomes and wellbeing.  During Carers Week we will be launching our newly developed e-Learning tool to enable key staff in schools across the county to increase their knowledge and confidence in understanding, identifying and supporting young carers.

Our groups and events during Carers Week will focus on activities around ‘feeling valued’ as carers and improving wellbeing.  We will also be sharing some young carers’ stories and voices across social media.