How to refer to us

Criteria for referral

We provide:

  • support to children and young people with a caring role from 8-24 years
  • information, advice and guidance to professionals supporting children and young people who may have a caring role

where the child experiences difficulties and /or restriction in life opportunities as a result of the impact of a family member’s chronic illness, disability, mental ill health and / or problematic substance misuse.

Eligibility Criteria for Gloucestershire Young Carers

Anyone can refer

With the agreement of the young person and their family anyone can refer a young person to Gloucestershire Young Carers – this could be the young person themselves, a member of the family, a family friend or a professional working with the family (eg. GPs, social workers, health workers, teachers, educational staff and community workers).

1. Speak to one of our Locality Family Workers

We ask that referrers telephone and speak to one of our locality family workers before making a formal referral.  This can be done without revealing any personal information about the young person if you are unsure whether this is an appropriate referral.  No information will be recorded at this stage.
Phone: 01452 733060

2. Complete a referral form

We will then email or send you a referral form to complete.  Referrals  should be returned by encrypted email using Egress Switch to  In order to protect confidentiality please do NOT send an unencrypted email.

Alternatively, please return the completed form in hard copy to:

Gloucestershire Young Carers
7, Twigworth Court Business Centre

If you need assistance in completing the form please call one of our locality workers on 01452 733060.

3. What will happen next?

The family will be contacted to inform them that we have received the referral within 10 days and the referrer will receive an acknowledgement.

One of our family workers will contact the family and arrange an assessment visit generally at the family home wherever possible within 6 weeks. Visits can be made at the young person’s school or college if this is more appropriate.

Our family worker will then make an assessment of the young person’s needs using Gloucestershire Young Carers’ assessment booklet and will discuss with the young person and their family the support that they require. They will then draw up a family friendly  Support Plan detailing information, advice and guidance and how the identified needs can be met, whether through Gloucestershire Young Carers and/or other services or by accessing support within the local community.