Waterwell’s School launches Afternoon Tea for GYC

Schools and community groups across the county are planning their Afternoon Tea for GYC – a celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s official 90th birthday while raising funds for the charity Gloucestershire Young Carers (GYC).


The tradition of Afternoon Tea was introduced by Her Majesty’s predecessor Queen Victoria and is steeped in history so what better way for people to have fun while raising funds than by raising a cuppa to The Queen? And what better time to run an event than during Carers’ Week?


The Queen’s official birthday will be celebrated across the country on June 12 – appropriately at the end of National Carers’ Week. Gloucestershire Young Carers is taking the opportunity to urge supporters to get involved and celebrate both events while raising funds for the vital work that the charity does in support of young carers.


It is believed that in a typical secondary school two children in each class are supporting a family member who is disabled, experiencing mental ill health or who is affected by substance misuse.


Ele Semadeni, Operations Manager for the charity says: “Our charity is close to the hearts of many of students in the county. Indeed, some of the money raised by Afternoon Tea for GYC events in schools will go directly into supporting children they know. We are encouraging not only schools but church groups, community groups, local businesses and individuals to hold Afternoon Teas and raise money for our work.”


The work being done by Gloucestershire Young Carers is vital in building resilience in children, encouraging aspirations to achieve in spite of their family situations and in simply giving them a break from their adult sized responsibilities.


If your school or community group would like to hold an Afternoon Tea for GYC, particularly in Carers’ Week 6 to 12 June then contact Fundraising Manager Jane Dyer today to obtain your Fundraising Pack: 0782 801 6857 or email: jane@glosyoungcarers.org.uk


Afternoon TEa for GYC

Afternoon Tea for GYC