A Teamwork Approach to Gloucestershire Young Carers’ New-Look Logo

When it became clear that Gloucestershire Young Carers’ logo was no longer suitable for the increasing amount of online work we were doing, our team approached the University of Gloucestershire to help us. What better way to update our logo than with input from students at the forefront of today’s graphic design work?

Sarah and Jane in the Marketing Team interviewed several potential interns for the task of ‘refreshing’ the logo to make it suitable for use in digital format as well as off-line applications and the decision was made to offer the internship project to Abi Chamberlain.

When Abi presented her initial ideas to the charity’s senior managers she revealed that her interest in the role was driven by more than her love of graphic design – Abi is herself a young carer, supporting her mum with Multiple Sclerosis.

Abi says: “Gloucestershire Young Carers was a cause close to my heart and so I was driven to do my very best. I understand the issues young carers’ face.”

Graphic Design Tutor Jessica Reid says: “In Abi’s case this project was very close to her heart and that’s why she stood out as the shining star.”

The challenge was to maintain the identity of the charity and stay close to the logo that has become familiar to young carers and charity supporters for 25 years while also giving it a fresh, modern feel and ensure it was fit for purpose when being used in digital format.

The result was a clean, fresh logo that has received approval from young people to corporate supporters.

Fundraising and Marketing Manager for Gloucestershire Young Carers Jane Dyer says: “It is perfect timing for us that we now have a new-look logo we can use for possibly the next 25 years or until technology demands otherwise. But it was also very fitting that the designer was a young carer who really understood and empathised with our charity’s needs.”

The opportunity also provided Abi herself with not only vital work experience but with the chance to receive input from professional designer Andy Hussey of Lost and Found Creative. This created a valuable working team around the charity, benefiting everyone involved – from the charity who now have a fantastic new-look logo to Abi who has a valuable experience on her personal statement to Andy Hussey who was able to invest in the future of a young graphic designer and help the charity too.

Hope you like our logo.