Mike the Tough Mudder

Never again doubt how fit or how committed our Churchdown group worker Mike Middleton is to our charity. He has just completed the Tough Mudder in Cirencester to raise funds for our charity as part of our Challenge21 programme.

Mike climbed the unclimbable, swam through ice water, scrambled through trenches and faced the ultimate challenge of being electrocuted. And he did the last obstacle not once but twice! Having already endured pain going through the hanging electrified wires he only turned round and went back through them for his lost shoe!

Our intrepid challenger says: “It was a long walk back to my car at the end of the Tough Mudder so I weighed up the pros and cons and decided to go back for my shoe which had fallen off as I’d gone through the electrified wires! It made sense when I made the decision but I almost regretted it.”

Mike has raised more than £100 so far but we’re looking to boost his funds further. Watch the videos on YouTube, take a l0ok at the photographic evidence posted with this article then scoot over to his fundraising page and sponsor him. All funds will go towards the work our charity (and Mike) do with young carers in our county.

Mike Middleton on JustGiving


Mike Middleton raises funds for young carers

Mike Tough 2