Lee’s Careering Across the States for Carers


Extreme cyclist Lee Fancourt is on his way to a new 2-wheeled triumph. This time he is attempting to be the fastest cyclist to cross America unaided – in aid of Gloucestershire Young Carers.

Lee, who attended Beaufort School, has already cracked the record for crossing north to south Europe but this challenge will push him to his limit. It will cover 4,300 miles, 10 states and, he hopes, will be over in less than 17 days.

In August 2013 Lee started cycling seriously and cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats and then back again. It was the first time he had cycled 100 miles (160 km) or more in a single day.

Lee says: “I really enjoyed this challenge and then went on to complete some other cycling challenges including cycling from Gloucester to Rome and back. This was followed by my trip from Gloucester to South of Spain and back and then I cycled around the world in 2014. I hope to do that again next year.

“The TransAm ride is the ultimate challenge really – to race against some of the best endurance cyclists in the world. I cycled 5,000 miles across America in 2014 and I loved it. This race is arguably the toughest bike race in the world.”

The only rules of the TransAm bike race are that Lee has to cycle the Adventure Cycling Association’s TransAmerica Trail under his own steam, self-supported. The course record stands at just over 16.5 days and Lee hopes to smash that time.

He may not be carrying many supplies but he is taking four different Garmin – getting lost is not an option.

And supporters can follow his progress live at: TransAm Bike Race

He cycled, on average, 700 miles a week to prepare for the race but nothing could prepare him in England for the weather en route.

He says: “When I get up into the mountains I could find myself cycling through 10 feet of snow! When I come out of the mountains then I have to go through Tornado valley.” Apparently nothing fazes him!

And to add to his challenge he has committed to raising funds for the charity Gloucestershire Young Carers.

“I went to visit some of the people involved in the charity last year and I just thought it was a great cause. For these people to give up quite a lot of their young lives to care for their loved ones is quite an amazing thing. If I can finish the race, win the race eve,n then that’s for me but if I can raise funds for them then that gives me great satisfaction really.”

Support Lee at: Lee4GYC