Jade Receives Funds from Church of England Schools

Students from church schools across Gloucestershire have been celebrating their graduation from primary school at Gloucester Cathedral.

In five services over three days Year 6 classes joined together at the Cathedral to celebrate the beginning of the new phase of their school life with a service that included singing, dancing, and prayers.  Along with all of the fun, each school brought donations for Gloucestershire Young Carers, a charity that supports young carers and their families and which had been chosen by Gloucester Cathedral as the Charity of the Year.

The favourite part of the ceremony for most of the students was presenting their school banners.  At each service a school presented a story about one individual who had dedicated their ‘One Life’ to a cause or belief.

The money donated by the schools was received by 16 year old Gloucestershire Young Carers volunteer Jade Ellis who had this to say:

“It was a great experience. It was good to be raising awareness about the charity and the work they do for young carers to so many young people.”

Jade receiving funds from Church of England Schools

Jade receiving funds from Church of England Schools