Hidden Potential – Are You An Artist?




Calling all artists. We are inviting artists of all media to support our Hidden Potential art event.

We need 400 pieces – from oil to pencil, photography to buttons. It doesn’t matter – as long as it is only the size of a postcard.

We will be gathering together the postcard-sized art and displaying them anonymously at Elmore Court, Gloucester in September, selling them blind for £50.

Buyers will receive a raffle ticket and will then be allocated a postcard – it may have been donated by a well-known artist such as Nic Fiddian-Green or a talented young carer, a volunteer or just a kind donor.

All funds, of course, will go towards our charity’s work with young carers across the county.

Details of the sale will be revealed later in the year BUT for now we need your help gathering together the art. Are you a talented artist? Do you know a famous artist? What about a celebrity who can sketch something special?

Please contact our fundraiser Jane Dyer on 07828016857 or email her on jane@glosyoungcarers.org.uk


Thank you

Our amazing Hidden Potential logo has been designed by one of our young carers. Thank you Dhekelia.