Gloucester Rugby To Support Young Carers

Jordan and Kenzie help launch Gloucester Rugby and Gloucestershire Young Carers' Partnership

Jordan and Kenzie help launch Gloucester Rugby and Gloucestershire Young Carers’ Partnership

Gloucestershire Young Carers is looking forward to joining forces with a key player in Gloucestershire’s community this year – Gloucester Rugby Club.

The club has announced that the charity, along with The Pied Piper Appeal, will be Charity of the Year for the 2014/2015 season at Kingsholm.

Young carers Jordan Howard-Key and Mackenzie Conforti  presented their stories to players and staff to launch the partnership.

10 year old Mackenzie cares for her mum Samm who suffers from the debilitating and painful condition Hypermobility Syndrome. She told the team: “My mum used to play rugby. She became ill when my younger brother was born. Now she suffers a lot of pain and can’t do a lot of active stuff with me. I help her to look after my brothers. I worry about her a lot.”

Read Kenzie’s story here.

Ele Semadeni, Operations Lead for Gloucestershire Young Carers, said:  “We are delighted to have been chosen as co-Charity of the Year for Gloucester Rugby Club along with Pied Piper. This partnership with the club this season will be so important to us – not just for raising funds but for raising awareness about young carers, the challenges they face and the work we do as a charity in supporting them.

“We continually face the challenge in our work of firstly introducing people to what the role of a young carer is. We believe there to be around 6,000 young people in Gloucestershire who are supporting a family member who is ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill health or affected by substance misuse. There are young carers all around us. We look forward to working with the team and staff at Gloucester Rugby this season.”