George Weasley Visits Gloucestershire Young Carers

Star of the Harry Potter films Oliver Phelps dropped into the offices of Gloucestershire Young Carers this week.

Oliver, who played George Weasley in the Potter films, spent the afternoon with the team behind the young carers’ newsletter ‘We Care, We Count’ to put together a video which will be used in schools in Gloucestershire to raise awareness of young carers and the issues they face.

Minus his familiar red wig and his wand, Oliver talked with the group about his time working on the blockbuster films.

And he even revealed to the young carers some of the secrets from behind the scenes such as how the Quidditch scenes were filmed and the techniques involved in getting into costume for his part.

The young carers shared with Oliver some of the challenges they face in their day to day lives and told him the impact that being a young carer can have on school work.

Young carer Alice interviewed Oliver for the newspaper and the feature ‘Young Carers meet….’ will appear in the January edition of We Care, We Count.

During the interview Oliver was asked who he admired most in the world. He responded by saying ‘not one single person but anyone who puts others before themselves’.

Oliver was filmed for the ‘Aware They Care’ schools video by a team from the TV and Media courses at the University of Gloucestershire. The video will be shown in assemblies and tutor groups across the county and will encourage young carers to speak up to designated staff in school about issues that may be affecting them in school.

Research suggests that around two young people in every secondary school classroom is supporting someone in their family who is ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill health or who is affected by substance misuse. Many struggle with bullying or to keep up with school work. Many more miss school to help care for their loved one. Gloucestershire Young Carers is working with Gloucestershire County Council to established Young Carer Leads in every school in the county.