Charity Hosts Major Conference to Improve Support for Young Carers

Children’s charity Gloucestershire Young Carers is to host a major conference aimed at improving the response of professionals to young carers and their families.

Building on the success of previous events, the February conference is already attracting interest from health, education and social care workers from both adult and children’s services.

Recent changes in the law mean that young carers and their families now have strengthened rights including the right to a whole family approach in preventing children from taking on excessive or harmful caring roles. Those attending the conference will learn from ‘Think Family’ expert Mary Donaghy.

Mary, the Social Care Commissioning Lead for mental health and learning disability working for the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board, will be sharing her experience of transforming services in Northern Ireland to think parent, think child, think family.

Supporting Mary’s message, the charity will be disseminating the learning from ‘InterAct’, their award winning service for families where a parent has a mental illness and will be informing delegates about the rights of young carers and families under the new Care Act and Children and Families Act 2014.

The programme’s lead worker Kate Moss says: “This conference will benefit anyone working in both adult’s and children’s services. Those attending the conference will have the opportunity to learn more about what these new acts will mean for young carers in our county.”

Delegates will learn about:

  • Gloucestershire Young Carers’ award winning, whole family approach to supporting families where a parent experiences mental ill health
  • the charity’s pioneering booklet to support children living in families impacted by substance misuse
  • the impact of the Care Act and Children and Families Act 2014
  • the Young Carer Triangle of Care

A range of workshops will be offered led by experts supported by young carers themselves and these will include:

  • whole family approaches where a parent experiences mental ill health and/ or where parental substance misuse is a factor
  • health professionals and young carers
  • meeting the needs of young adult carers
  • best practice in supporting young carers in education
  • the Care Act and Children and Families Act 2014