Badham Supporting Young Carers

Gloucestershire Young Carers is working on a pilot project with Badham Pharmacies to ensure that staff can identify and offer support to young carers who come to their stores.  This includes how young carers can be helped with their own health needs – such as receiving flu vaccinations – as well as learning more about medication taken by those they care for, and services that might make it easier for the whole family such as having medicines delivered.

Established in 1940 by the father of the present owner Peter Badham, the company has always adapted to changes in society. The challenges young carers face is an issue they are keen to embrace and Peter is leading the way. The business began in a small family home and has grown to 18 stores selling thousands of items a month with a mobility shop included in the portfolio. Despite being 78 years old Badham Pharmacy continues to look to the future, finding new ways to support its customers and the community.
Peter was literally born into the business – birthed in a room at the back of the first shop. Now he oversees the company and is more than just a Managing Director – he is involved in the growth and development of the company’s services and product offerings.
“When I learned about carers I first assumed it was a husband looking after a wife and vice versa. Then I learned there were young people checking medications for their parents, helping to look after them and get them up in the morning. I thought ‘this is a hell of a responsibility.’
Peter says Badham pharmacists are trained to be non-judgemental – testimony to this is his campaigning to ensure Chlamydia kits are available in all Badham pharmacies. And, over the years, he has led a campaign to ensure customers have access to the morning after pill on request.
He is keen to also support a new generation of pharmacists and employees in his chemists and Badham Pharmacies has a clear apprenticeship pathway. As well as this, he ensures he has an open door policy for young people looking for information on careers.
“But you can always do more.” He says and this does seem to be Peter Badham’s mantra as he looks forward to more talks with Gloucestershire Young Carers on how young people in caring roles in their families can be supported in Badham Pharmacies.



Apprenticeship Information at Badham Pharmacies.

Medical Counter Assistant – NVQ2 Dispensing Assistant – comprises learning about the dispensing of drugs

NVQ3 Dispensing Technician – General Pharmacist (registered)

ACT – Advanced Checking Technician – works below the pharmacist

To be a pharmacist now involves 4 years at University and 1 year pre-registration training with a final exam accredited by the GPhC

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