A thank you from 20 year old young adult carer Frankie who cares for her Mum…..

Hi Jess,

Thank you so much for letting me come across for the trip yesterday.
I’d forgotten how important it was to have time for myself!

I think young adult carers are so important to look after….and not just because I am one…but because it’s stressful being this age without caring for one and sometimes two or three family members. Yesterday I met some inspiring young ladies… who re-lit my fire inside myself to continue to do what we do. That is why you guys are so amazing.

Time for us is invaluable and I know you couldn’t do it without your volunteers and sponsors. Also the donations and funds you receive which makes trips like Thursdays possible. So it’s a massive thank you from me and the people I care for, because yesterday has recharged my batteries ready for the challenges ahead.

Just because we are carers doesn’t make us less of teenagers or young adults. We need time out too but asking for that isn’t easy, so your support, help and trips make that possible.

Thank you again!



Support for young adult carers at GYC: http://www.glosyoungcarers.org.uk/young-adult-carers/
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